Here’s good news. Most of us own a money safe. We know it’s there, but we don’t know it’s packed with money. And we don’t know how to open it. This is not hype, and I can prove it.

The average person personally knows at least 115 people, if he or she took the time to think about it, and beyond that, we have access to hundreds and even thousands more. And all of those people want one thing: more money. No matter if they are rich or poor, they all want more money. Look at Donald Trump: he wants more money, yet he could easily retire if he wanted to.

Business is about finding a way to fill a need and getting paid for it, right? So before you assume you know what I am about to offer, keep an open mind, because assumptions are usually wrong.

As a Joint Venture Broker for 28 years, I have learnt that there are many ways to help people make money, and not everything is acceptable and interesting to everyone. Like a buffet: some like fish, some like chicken, some are vegetarians. As a broker, I can introduce those people to what they want and make money myself.

But learning how to do what I have taken 28 years to perfect takes time, and time is money. There is a way to fast track the process of providing people with the money they want, with no risk to yourself. And you can start immediately! If you have a phone and computer access, you can do this. And you can start making money as soon as you want.

This is not a full time thing, and all your excuses will disappear quickly when you see what I am proposing. And instead of paying me my usual $250 – $500 per hour consulting fee, I am prepared to offer you a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation. And it’s all you will need from me to make this happen – to open that money vault and start taking the money out. How much and how fast will depend entirely upon you.

Interested? Contact me with the word, MONEY SAFE in your email subject box and your contact information, as well as your time zone. I will call you or Skype you for your appointment. Or you can just call me. I am in the Pacific time zone, available 9am – 7pm.

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