We’re all approached regularly by people wanting to sell us stuff. I love it! I learn from all of them about services and products and new technology. But I seldom buy from them. And one of the reasons I DO buy can always be tracked back to their approach.

Seldom does the salesperson make the effort to find out enough about your wants and needs and whims and goals and projects and business and priorities to be able to approach you correctly, because of pure ignorance, or laziness, or both. The man selling a drill is really selling you holes to hang the prized model ship that your late grandfather made, and that model ship has an enticing history, were he to take the time to find out. Then he could relate the price of the drill and its abilities to the value of that ship – and your wall.

You’re not selling me Search Engine Optimization or advertising or brochures or a website, printing or banners or flyers: you’re selling me a lifestyle with my wife that I dearly want – a “Hot Button” that I can achieve when my business flourishes because of the tools and services you wish to sell me. If you focus on the quality or price or graphics or the paper weight of your printing, you’re boring me, missing the point, and leaving without a sale.

Salespeople need to model their approach around the objectives and urgencies of their prospect. You’re selling security, ease, speed, pride, importance, results, peace of mind – not products and services. When you’re providing what I really, really want, the price becomes unimportant.

To set yourself part from the herd, you need to think like a medical doctor: you sell a hip replacement to the woman who wants to ride her bike and hike and travel and visit her grandchildren in England. So why are you pitching her on removing her appendix? Physicians solve problems, remove pain, create mobility, relieve DISease and provide peace of mind. And to do this, they require X Rays, blood tests, MRI’s, examinations, and they ask lots of questions and probe and focus on YOU. They don’t brag about how many patients they have and how long they’ve been a doctor or how smart their operating room is, do they?

Change your approach, and I assure you, you will change the results you’re getting. And that goes for selling stuff, getting a job or a raise or promotion, or persuading anyone to do anything. Talk in the interests of your prospect.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com