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Beware whom you provoke. Years ago, I was offered a job managing a restaurant with the benefit of a three week holiday right at the start of my employment contract as an incentive. I eagerly accepted the job, and a year later I was offered a better job, running a hotel, with great benefits.

When I resigned, the owners of the restaurant first offered me an under-the-counter pay increase, and when I refused it, they threatened to deduct that three week holiday from my final month’s paycheque if I left. I told them that it was a silly thing to do, smiled, and left anyway with the reduced paycheque in my pocket.

I then started a campaign to take all their customers and “convert” them to eating at my hotel’s restaurant. Until the restaurant owners, my former employers, really panicked. And returned they money they owed me with a profuse apology. I stopped enticing their customers away, but of course many never returned to their restaurant.

Some people are weak and you can attack them and get away with it. Attacking me is a very silly thing to do, because it will hurt you tremendously. And I teach my business partners to do the same thing. We don’t tolerate bullying in an form. Just a subtle warning. For some, it’s already too late.

Robin Elliott