This picture reminds me of a very similar dam that we kids cleaned up and used as a swimming pool one summer. We worked very hard, every day after school. WHY? We really, really wanted a swimming pool.

Most people get into a particular business because of their “WHY” at the time. In other words, their reason for making money. Sometimes, when we get into a slump, it’s because our WHY has changed – it’s no longer applicable or urgent, so the motivation is gone. It’s important to be sure you’re still motivated, still headed for the same destination.

For example, you wanted to build a dream house for you and your wife but since you set that goal, she left you and married the man who fixes your car. Wanted: A new WHY! Or you have simply lost interest in your WHY or accomplished it or outgrown it. You need a new, exciting, compelling WHY that takes your breath away and keeps you awake at night!

Now you may have found a better way to reach that destination WHY, because the method or the system or the route or the vehicle we use isn’t the issue – it’s where we want to go. But if the WHY goes away, well, then you’re going to slump. Revisiting that WHY, if it’s strong enough, on a regular basis, will keep us motivated. Because your WHY will always determine your IQ (I Quit) rate.

I have found it necessary to associate only with people who share my values, because they can usually empathize with my WHY and understand the sacrifices I have to make to make it happen. Also, they’re aligned with me, and some may join my business.

The more up to date and clearly defined your purpose (or WHY) is, the better. Dates, amounts, numbers, pictures, locations, specifics. I like to ask people, “On a scale of one to ten, one being ‘I don’t really care,’ and ten being ‘whatever it takes,’ how badly do you want this?” Anything less than a ten, and failure is a foregone conclusion.

If you treat your mission like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If it is truly a mission and you treat it like an obsession, a business, and a calling, you can earn an unlimited amount of money, make your WHY happen, and in the process help many other people reach their WHY’s, too. And that’s the real satisfaction and reward – helping others change their lives.

Talk with your mentor and make sure you have your WHY in place, because it’s what drives all your thoughts and choices.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com