In this excellent article, English writer and genius Sam Gerrans writes about how “Bernays – a nephew of Freud – taught that men were ruled not by reason but by dark – often unrecognized – emotions. It was easier to sell a car or a shirt by linking it to a primal desire than by means of reason.”

(He also criticizes religions as opposed to living by their books, however I disagree there; if the IQ of most wasn’t so low, and people weren’t so conditioned, and if Hollywood didn’t exist, and if everyone had the IQ, research ability, genuine goodness and integrity of a Sam Gerrans, that might, perhaps be true. We live in a world in which people need guidance. Sadly, I agree with him that many religions are a poor reflection of their books and a good indication of the base motives of their leaders.)

But back to sex before marriage. Someone wrote that the road to hell is paved with political “correctness.” The powers that be have a vested interest in the perversion and the destruction on the family, and many religions are so watered down that they are in lock step with the agendas of those behind the curtain. The same Hollywood that gave America their first black, unqualified, socialist “president” has been working on lowering the sexual standards of people for decades – and succeeding. Men no longer have to get married because women are lining up like dogs in heat.

One of the most shocking revelations I encountered when coming to live in Canada was the reaction to one of my suggestions in seminars that I offered to women build my database. The seminar was entitled, “How to Find the Man of Your Dreams and Marry Him in Six Months.” It was based on psychology, the differences between men and women, marketing, and strategy. I filled rooms. The principles worked, as I was told by numerous attendees over time. My suggestion? No sex before marriage.

Women actually angrily rose to their feet when I said that. “If we don’t have sex with them by the second date, they won’t take us on another date,” they countered. “But everyone expects that,” they responded. “That’s so old fashioned,” they whined. Some actually left the room. But MANY replied that they wished that their DAUGHTERS could have attended the seminar, implying that it was too late for themselves.

But they want respect after having slept with hundreds of men before marriage. They want to be treated like angels after drunken orgies and promiscuous living. They feel entitled to a white wedding gown (with carefully applied makeup to hide their tramp stamp tattoos) and a quick cigarette or hit of other drugs before marching down the isle and be seen as “daddy’s little girl” when they are getting married for the third and fourth time. Seriously? Yes. That is the level to which our society has sunk.

This piece is titled, “The Family: A proclamation to the World.” It probably seems out of date to many, however its fruits are blindingly evident in the lives of the Members of this church. The values of this church are, to me, what God wants for His children, and we’re all His children. He doesn’t want his daughters whoring and he doesn’t want His sons treating His daughters like prostitutes. He wants happy families with happy, Godly children. Pictured below, the American president wearing a shirt depicting the head of the Satanic Church.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com