Robin Rally.0

So a champion race car driver steps onto the track and they put him in a car with three wheels and too little gas. He loses the race. Perhaps you tried hard, followed the rules, persisted, and had a great attitude, but you still failed. Was it the vehicle you were using?

Everyone laughed at you and said, “I told you so.” You lost time and money and self confidence. Perhaps it wasn’t you – it was the business opportunity you chose. I know; it’s happened to me before, too. And then we say, “I’ll never do THAT again!” and we refuse to try anything else – the failure was simply too painful. Because we blamed ourselves – “How could I be so dumb?”

Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t be tempted, as I was, to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” If you tried your best and worked hard, the only reasons you failed were (1) because you quit too soon, or (2) it was the wrong system, or (3) you had the wrong guidance. But with the right attitude and the right system, along with the right guidance, the sky is the limit.

Tyler Jones wrote, “At the end of the day, your life is just a story. If you don’t like the direction it’s going, change it. Rewrite it. When you rewrite a sentence, you erase it and start over until you get it right. Yes, it’s a little more complicated with a life, but the principle is the same. And remember, don’t let anyone ever tell you that your revisions are not the truth.”

In 28 years of business, I’ve seen a lot of schemes and scams. I’ve lost money and made money. But last year in June, I found a GREAT opportunity and it’s still making me great money. And two months ago, I found the perfect partner business to go with it – a way to advertise it and get paid to do so, making 20% on my advertising dollars even if the adverts don’t work. Two independent systems that were made for each other. Ultimate leverage.

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Robin Elliott