When we don’t get the kind of results we want in our business, be it an online business, a network marketing business, or any other business, what do we do? We find usually REASONS why others are getting the results we want. Or REASONS why we’re not achieving the success we long for.

And those reasons are usually about our circumstances, what other people do or say, the economy, the business itself, our products, our customers, the town we live in, our spouses, the weather, holidays, our neighbours, the exchange rate, or… wait for it… slavery or George Bush.

Is that what the top producers do? No, it isn’t. They don’t find excuses, they don’t blame, they don’t justify, and they definitely don’t whine about past sins against people who lived may years before they were even born.

The top earners believe, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” They say, “If anyone else can and has done it, so can I. And if nobody has ever done it before, that’s no reason why I can’t do it.” Imagine if the Wright Brothers said, “We can’t build an airplane because nobody has ever done that before. We’ll wait until someone else does it.” They are not conformists. They don’t join the rat race.

Top Producers let go of their fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They focus. They work hard. They take personal responsibility. They expect to succeed. They don’t quit; they persevere. They expect to rise to the top. They are consistent, reliable, diligent, and tough minded. They are patient and they bounce back from challenges and setbacks, which they know are inevitable.

The secret of the top earners is their never-say-die, optimistic attitude. They know that in the long run, they will succeed. They know that NOT NOW doesn’t mean NEVER – it simply means NOT YET. So they team up with winners and producers that can help them and mentor them and from whose mistakes they can learn. They cut the whiners and losers out of their lives. They are disciplined and courageous and they have a positive attitude. They are open to new opportunities, and they are NOT politically correct.

As I coach my business associates in MAP and Four Corners, it’s easy to see who the real winners are and who the quitters are. The winners work daily and effectively, communicate with me regularly, and do what they say they will do, and they know what results they want and why they want them. We set specific, measurable goals – and we reach them!

Robin Elliott