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The commonplace can become extraordinary, and boring, regular people can become prosperous and memorable. There’s not some vague, mysterious, unknowable outside force that cruelly holds people back and stunts their growth. There’s nothing that makes the mundane so.

My granddaughters in England got caterpillars that made pupae and emerged as beautiful butterflies. Here’s the thing, though: if their parents had allowed those eager little girls to cut the cocoons open and try to “help” or “rescue” the butterflies, those butterflies would die. And those butterflies couldn’t fly until they had spent a week hanging upside down and pumping blood into their wings; if not, they’d be stunted, deformed.

It’s a simple analogy: in a society that wants everything done FOR them, from governments to parents and teachers, there’s no real growth – the society becomes a runtish, childish mob of ugly caterpillars and wanna-be butterflies that can’t fly, but relies on handouts. These are the people who riot and loot and burn and kill when they don’t get their way, like small, undisciplined children throwing tantrums in the mall. This parasite population is the result of socialism and helicopter parents who are overprotective and want to high five their kids every time they take a breath.

The true entrepreneur is prepared to pay the price of success; he will do for a few years what others won’t, so that he can create a future in which he can enjoy the lifestyle that others can’t. The champion is the man or woman who gets up while everyone else is still sleeping, eats a healthy breakfast, and goes running or training in the rain and cold, whether h feels like it or not. By the time their obese family have manged to roll out of bed and stick their faces into the sugar laden feeding trough, the winners have an hour of grueling exercise behind them.

In a capitalist society, we can out think and outmaneuver the bureaucratic parasites and beat the system that would dwarf the progress of the citizens and keep them reliant, in debt, out of shape, semi literate, and weak. We can make our dreams come true. We can if we believe we can. We can break free of all the bad experiences, pain, and failures in our past and move on. It’s never too late to commit oneself to turning into the butterfly that you were meant to be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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