The liberal media and politically correct sheeple, along with a lot of very confused “religionists” and socialists are trying and have tried for years to tell people that money is bad, money is unnecessary, money corrupts, and so on. I invite you to consider the following with an open mind.

I grew up poor and made money. I’ve seen both sides. Instead of focusing on what happens when we DON’T have money, let’s focus on what happens when we DO have money. Anyone who has seen Donald Trump running for US President has seen the freedom he has when he doesn’t have to placate donors, voters, lobbyists, or behind the scenes interests, or when he isn’t trying to get a JOB and a PENSION and boost an unstable ego or a narcissistic / sociopathic personality like real politicians: he’s free to be honest, direct, fearless. He can take the presidency or leave it. He doesn’t need it. So he can tell the truth – fearlessly.

If you’re ill, disabled, recovering from surgery, old, weak, or have a lot of children, you can buy the best help, appliances, transport… you can “suffer in comfort.” Everything is for sale. Everything is available to you when you have money. Money is FREEDOM. The ability to help and protect those who genuinely can’t help themselves. It’s peace of mind. Power. Travel. Comfort. Safety. Support. Self esteem. Hope. With money, you cab break free from oppressors, manipulators, and abusers.

When you have money, you can fire your boss when he or she tries to mess with your values, your time, your family, or your integrity. When you have money, you can afford decent food, education, clothes, toys, vacations, and much more. You are either buying diamonds and fur coats for your wife, or for your boss’s wife. When we complain about inflation, the minimum wage, a stingy boss, and so on in a capitalist society, we have the choice to change things. There’s nothing stopping you from making money, for example with this solution.

But why do we misunderstand money? It’s by design. It is consistently demonized by the progressives and liberals. If a government can keep the majority people uninformed and slavishly working in jobs, or in a socialist realm, dependent on welfare (like 30% of the US population), the government can control you – what you think, how you you reason, and the choices you make. It gives them more power. When we educate ourselves, we can break free. The same goes for some religions and the cancer of altruism.

This wonderful speech will give you clarity on what money is really all about.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com