When you get to a certain age, you realize that you have grown up, and that some things are not going to change, other things you can do nothing to change, and yet others you don’t care enough about to change.

I look around me and I see deluded people who believe they can fix things that cannot be fixed. They don’t intend to do anything about fixing them, through laziness or fear or inability or base stupidity, but they run their mouths constantly, anyway. “Don’t Tread on Me!” you yell. You’ve already been tread on, you’ve been ground into the dirt, friend, and you’ve done nothing about it. And you won’t and you can’t do anything about it; it’s too late.

Or the South Africans who didn’t have the money, the courage, the brains, or the wherewithal to immigrate when they saw that South Africa was following exactly the same route as every other African country when the whites left: corruption, murder, rape, and pillage. (I understand that many cannot leave even though they wish they could.) They shout the odds and post videos and threaten and talk the talk, but they can’t do anything about it and everyone knows it. It’s too late. They will end up living in reservations or dead or raped and then killed after they lose everything.

This is not defeatism or pessimism; it is realism. When the Titanic is sinking, you know you can’t mend the leak, so you find a lifeboat and escape. You don’t procrastinate, because by the time you wake up, all the lifeboats may already have been taken. All flights booked. All planes burnt on the runway – history repeats itself. Walking around beating your little chest and repeating slogans just makes you look delusional.

And if you have enough time, you grab some food and water and clothing and provisions to take with you in that lifeboat – perhaps a compass and an axe and a gun, too. When you see your economy and the economy of the world collapsing, whining about your affirmative action “president” (that you voted for – TWICE) won’t help you, but there are other things that you can do that can, in fact, bring you great wealth in the future.

Smart countries (China, Russia, India, Germany, France) and states Texas) are buying as much gold bullion as they can afford before the price skyrockets. In fact, for the very first time in history, India is offering its citizens the opportunity to sell their gold to the Indian government! China is buying up as many gold mines around the world as it can. Using US dollars, of course.

Smart people are exchanging their fiat currency paper money for gold bullion as fast as they can before deflation and the inevitable hyperinflation. Why? Because only ONE PERCENT of people own any gold at all, and gold is the only money that you will be able to use! So those who have a decent amount of gold will get rich – fast. This is not wild speculation or conspiracy theory – it’s just the old law of supply and demand. They’re storing food and water and guns and ammo, too. They’re wisely preparing for the inevitable. How about you?

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com