Don’t ask why healthy food is so expensive; ask why junk food is so cheap. Don’t ask why houses in great cities and beautiful areas with a great climate are so expensive – rather, ask why houses in lousy, crime ridden cities with terrible weather are so cheap. There is a reason for cheap and a reason for expensive. And a reason why people have money.

Look at who eats in fast food places and who eats healthy food. Look at who lives in those expensive suburbs and cities. It’s the same people! And have you noticed that most of them exercise regularly and are in good physical shape? Whom would you rather associate with? Do you want to live around the whores and homeless, the pawn shops, the quick loan stores, the junkies, and in the places with terrible weather? No problem – you’ll find a cheap home there.

A Bentley costs more than a cheap, dangerous car that breaks down and has no A/C. A good watch makes you feel great every time you look at it.

And all this comes down to money, so let’s talk about why some people make more money than others. Those who refuse to study and pay the price so that they can get high paying jobs, who won’t improve their skills and insist on doing the very least at work, will end up in the jobs that pay very little. Those who refuse to take risks and work really hard and start their own businesses, but make excuses and blame everyone else, will not make money.

Those who expect the government to pay for their stuff, who insist on handouts and support from welfare and ex spouses and parents or winning the Lotto, and those who are bone lazy will never make a lot of money. They will eat junk food and live in bad areas in cheap housing.

I’m not talking about the disabled, and the aged, but those who have the mental and physical ability to do what it takes to make money and afford the best lifestyle. With no ambition, a poor work ethic, an entitlement mentality, and bad attitude, no matter how smart and strong you are, you will not have money unless you inherit it, steal it, or get some poor sap to give it to you.

Making money isn’t dependent on your education or age either, if you are disciplined, ambitious, focused, and hard working. New immigrants whose qualifications are not accepted in their new country either end up becoming wealthy and living well, or they end up complaining daily in poorly paid jobs for the rest of their lives. It’s a choice they make. Like how fat you will be or what you read or whom you mix with.

Here’s a proven solution for anyone who is ambitious, disciplined, and who has access to a computer and the internet to retire. (Not available in the U.S.)No excuse. You CAN make the money you need to live the life you want. Debt free. You can live in a nice house in a good area and eat healthy food, you can be in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually, you can associate with good people, you can have peace of mind, and you can retire with financial security. Your choice.

Rich people believe, “I create my life.” Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.”

Robin Elliott