As the world moves closer to the final collapse of its artificially inflated fiat (paper currencies), headed by the rapidly declining US dollar, and governments scramble to get as much gold as they can to survive the coming rocketing gold prices, the latest is the Indian government.

In this newspaper announcement in the Hindustan Times, titled “Turn your gold into interest-free cash soon with monetisation scheme,” Finance minister Arun Jaitley reveals his government’s intent to launch the scheme in his 2015-16 Budget speech, aimed at mobilising “unproductive” gold owned by Indian households into cash. This is reminiscent of the US government’s tricky scheme in 1934, when US citizens were forced, under threat of jail or steep fines, to sell their gold to the US government at the prevailing price. As soon as the government had their gold, they pushed the price up, thereby making millions n profit and deflating the value of the US dollar further. Bullying as usual.

Read the article to see just how devious this Indian scheme is. We know that China and Russia have been buying and hoarding gold furiously, and that China is buying up gold mines with declining US dollars in preparation for China’s possible future control of the gold price.

After all, if you have a lot of gold and you owned a lot of gold mines around the world (China is now also the world’s largest producer of gold) as well, wouldn’t you want to skyrocket the price of gold? I would!

Other governments are well aware of this and they’re going after the gold, even the gold of their own citizens. Be prepared. Now is the time to convert as much useless paper currency into real money – gold – as you possibly can. But be careful: make sure you buy currency grade (LBMA) gold from independent foundries in amounts that can easily be traded when the time comes. And don’t buy counterfeit Chinese gold, which is tungsten covered in gold. Here is the perfect solution.

“Gold is constant. It’s like the North Star.” – Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com