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At the age of 62, I have realized / understood five very important facts that can help you to help your employees and Team Members to be a lot more productive – fast. And looking back, I can see where I have wasted a lot of time and lost a lot of money by ignoring these facts.

1. That people can change if they want to, but very seldom choose to. So stop wasting time trying get them / help to change. They are what they are, with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

2. That when people do what they are good at and skilled at, they love what they do and they are FAR more productive, innovative, happy, and helpful.

3. That trying to “fix” their weaknesses or getting people to do what they hate doing just because they need money and you have power over them is tantamount to drinking seawater to slake ones thirst. Not smart.

4. That making the job fit the person instead of making the person fit the job is a wise choice.

5. That taking the time to find out what people really, really want (their “Why”), what their unique strengths and weaknesses are, where their interests lie, and what they love doing is time fittingly invested, if you’ll excuse the intentional pun.

We’re not working with clones or robots or mirror images of ourselves, so cookie cutter sales pitches and systems that are supposed to be “one size fits all” doesn’t create the kind of results we are capable of attaining. While we can use those as guidelines and tracks to run on, flexibility and the opportunity to edit and personalize them is crucial.

Get to know your people and tailor systems and approaches and job descriptions for them. Your bottom line will thank you for it and you will retain your employees and Team Members a lot longer. The ROI is massive.

Robin Elliott