The man who posts on LinkedIn, “I don’t hate hate people who are smarter, more creative and imaginative than I am – I hire them” obviously isn’t very smart or creative or imaginative, because if he was he would know that those people usually aren’t for hire, because they work for themselves.

The one who has a “I’d Rather Be Fishin’” or “I’d Rather be Golfing” doesn’t realize that #1 nobody cares, and #2, if he was smart enough, he’d start his own business so that he would be able to run his own life instead of serving as a paid slave.

Those who are truly successful don’t care if others steal their ideas, because those who steal the ideas of others seldom have what it takes to make them work. Nicola Tesla said, “I’m not sorry they stole my ideas; I’m sorry they did not have their own.” Remember that the next time you try to get me to sign one of your silly Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

Men who would rather live with women than marry them: If he really loved you as much as he claims to, he would be breaking his neck to marry you. You don’t have to prostitute yourself out of pure desperation.

Having a baby to immediately hand over to its father to raise, or, even worse, to a “child care” facility while you go back to your “career” or business tells me two things: First, you haven’t yet realized that no decent, self respecting man would ever be a “Stay-at-Home-Dad” if it was humanly possible to avoid it  – they provide for their families. Second, women are supposed to raise their own children; that’s their role and best ability.

Women would never permanently deface their bodies with tramp stamp tattoos if they thought further ahead than next week.

People adhere to patterns. Usually, a winner has an impressive track record of successes, wins, and the overcoming of obstacles from a young age, while a losers leaves a odorous trail of losses, failures and excuses in his wake as he waddles through life. People can change, they just seldom choose to do so.

And finally, one with which I am intimately familiar: It takes as much faith to be an atheist as it does to be a believer. There is no objective, scientific evidence of either, however I can testify that faith and belief in God pays off – He honors His promises.

And it is also obvious to me that this will “offend” a lot of losers. No problem.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com