I regularly people emailing me with all sorts of concerns and complaints about not being able to get their businesses going, about “hitting a wall,” about running out of ideas to make their businesses work. At what point does that change? When do things start to turn around? When does the uphill battle end?

I know it feels like climbing a mountain with bleeding fingers and ripped out fingernails sometimes – I have been an entrepreneur for 28 years. I know what those sleepless nights feel like, that sense that we’re never going to break through. I know the temptation to just give up. But if it was easy and smooth sailing, the rewards wouldn’t be as good as they are. We get tested in the fire before receiving the rewards of success.

It really has nothing to do with other people, our circumstances, the business we’re in, or the weather. It’s not the fault of other people. Success starts deep within us, that’s where the changes need to occur. And when we are ready, that’s when we achieve the breakthrough – when our desire and determination gets bigger than our fear and excuses. When we’re really prepared to do whatever it takes, 24/7/365, that’s when the breakthrough comes. When we stop whining and blaming and complaining.

When we reach that point, we’re ready to change our methods and our attitudes; we’re ready to learn, ready to alter our approach, prepared to do what we previously were not prepared to do. We put our raging egos on hold. Because success seldom seeks out those who desire acceptance and a feeling of self importance more than actual results.

Listen to yourself when you give your “reasons” why you haven’t broken through yet. Last week, a fellow in Australia actually used the fact that the company won’t provide him will detailed demographics as his weak excuse.

And most of our excuses involve blaming other people, like the woman who flew me to Edmonton Alberta, paid my $7,000 Speakers Fee and hotel and limo, and got a paltry 8 people to attend the event. Her reason for losing money? Edmonton. She actually referred to that city as “Deadmonton.” The next seminar I presented there was attended by 150 people, each paying $350. In fact, I have made more money from Edmonton than any other city in the world where I have spoken, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Johannesburg, London England, Vancouver, Calgary… Blame is the first sign of a loser attitude. You can’t fix other people, but you can fix yourself.

When we change, our circumstances start changing. At that point, success comes knocking. But those who won’t take advice from the right people, those ASKHOLES – they ask for advice but don’t act on it, those whose egos rule their decisions, and those who think that failure is permanent or refuse to accept personal responsibility for their lives, simply waddle mindlessly from one failure to the next, shrouded in their rancid victim mentality.

Paul J. Meyer said, “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” As long as you never quit and remain open to advice from others who have achieved success in the same field and maintain a positive attitude, you will win.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com