Today I talked briefly with a fellow whom I would love to have in my business. Why? I read his LinkedIn profile and this is what I saw: “He has over 20 years of experience in financial services and the real estate industry. He operated as the Owner and CEO of his own real estate brokerage for many years. During this time, he built a business and received numerous awards and honours at all five levels – Master, President’s, Chairman’s, Top 10 Provincially and Top 1% Nationally.” He’s a Finisher.

There are only two kinds of people in the world – those who start things and finish what they do, and those who start things but never finish them. Finishers are those who stick to something and make a success out of it, while the starters like starting things – because it’s very easy to start almost anything, really – but seldom finish anything. What secret do the Finishers possess that allows them to finish?

Now, we can all acknowledge that there are times to step away from a project, a relationship, a business; there are times when it is frugal and smart and the right thing to do. But I’m talking about people who have a tawdry track record of starting stuff and never finishing it – like their diets, marriages, projects, hobbies, jobs, pets, relationships, commitments, businesses, gym memberships, and goals. They leave a sticky, slimy slew of broken promises behind them like a sickly slug on a drinking binge.

That poor pattern of pathetic pretexts is the opposite of what Finishers leave behind them. Talk to a winner, and you will soon find that he is a Finisher. He persisted and won at track in school, he became the head librarian, a prefect, the captain of the soccer team and a black belt in karate. He went on to do well in the army or in his job or at college or as a salesman selling cars. His relationships (with the right people) lasted long. He rose to the top of every organization, club, or fraternity he joined. He finishes what he starts.

Here’s his secret for success: the Finisher cultivates his skills, relationships, understanding, knowledge, and abilities of whatever it is that he takes on. He masters it. He cultivates it like a farmer who lovingly cultivates his fields or a race horse trainer who cultivates the fitness and abilities of his horses to bring out the best in them. Finishes don’t find excuses to quit and run like cowards. They stay the course. They have character and courage. They expect to win and to reach their objectives.

So when I saw that Linkedin profile, I said to myself, “Ah, at last! A fellow Finisher. We are few and far between. Let me team up with this gentleman and let’s both make a sackful of money and gold.” If you’re a Finisher, we should talk.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com