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The Romans held their games and circuses for those who chose to live in denial. In North America, it’s sport, TV, and food, food, food while their financial world collapses around them. They actually believe that there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, while in reality those parties are two sides of the same coin; they are merely the puppets of the banksters, who are in turn controlled by the same financial puppeteers.

Few people are courageous and intelligent enough to realize and acknowledge what is happening in the world financial system, and, for them, Simon Black’s description is apt: “It’s like lying on the ground with a blindfold on while the government builds a coffin all around you. Little by little they fasten together all the sides, and then the top, nail by nail. You can’t see precisely what’s happening. But your senses tell you that something’s going on. And if you wait too long to get out of there, you’ll be trapped.”

Og Mandino wrote,”There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.”

Fortunately, there is a time worn, proven solution to the inevitable collapse of every paper currency in history, and as we all know, wealth is power; money is freedom. True wealth is not to be found in a substitute, which paper money is. Those with “old money,” in order to retain and build their wealth, follow the age old rule: “one third, one third, one third.” That means one third of their wealth in fine art, one third in property (real estate) and one third in gold.

The problem with real estate is that governments can supercharge property taxes and so steal your properties, as they did in Greece recently. The problem with art is that most of us can’t afford the really good stuff. So buy gold. And create real income so you can prepare yourself for hard time s and live the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

You can create a reliable, safe, RESIDUAL income of between CAD$42,000 per year and CD$342,000 per year, and get paid every 20 minutes using this proven system that I use. And you don’t have to recruit anyone or sell anything to create the CAD$42,000 per year income level! All it takes is clicking your mouse for 10 minutes a day.
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