If I asked you if you could double your sales in the next two weeks, you would probably respond that it would impossible. If I asked you if you could enroll ten people in the next two weeks, I’d probably get the same response. But if I asked you a question that would supercharge your level of motivation from acceptance and compliance to desperation and extreme urgency…

What if you were absolutely convinced that your family would be viciously and brutally slaughtered if you didn’t double your sales or enroll ten new people in the next two weeks? That’s the question, folks. If you believed that, what would you differently? What would you start doing that you have stopped doing? Who would you approach that you are presently intimidated by? How would your approach and attitude change?

When we fear not achieving our goals more than we fear the opinions of other people, everything changes. When we lose our timidity and get serious and urgent enough to do whatever it takes, we can suddenly achieve massive results. We will approach everyone without prejudging them. We will close more effectively and more passionately, we will be more focused, we will follow up rigorously and diligently. We will zero on what we have to do and disregard distractions while overcoming obstacles.

When our dread of “rejection” is dwarfed by our drive to accomplish, when our level of motivation is white hot, we become an unstoppable force in sales and recruiting. In this world of the gutless “politically correct,” we are being conditioned to overreact to the reactions and judgments of others. But when you we realize that nobody can “reject” YOU, they can only decline AN OFFER, and that they have every right to do so, when you realize that those people don’t care about you, your family, your financial well-being, or your feelings, and that you are doing them a FAVOUR by introducing them to your product, service, or opportunity, you break free.

In order to succeed in business, we need to develop a thick skin, we need to understand the numbers game of ratios, and we need to get leverage on our emotions. It is natural for people to to do more to avoid a loss than to gain a benefit, so by imagining the question posed about your family being slaughtered or another horrific consequence of not achieving your goal, you can start to obtain an objective perspective of what is truly possible and important. Imagine if your life was a dream and you knew you were dreaming, would you be bolder?

The bottom line is this: Usually, the only thing currently preventing us from doubling our sales and boosting our recruiting is our fear of the opinions of others.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com