Why on earth would the gods (those in power with vested interests) seek to destroy citizens by making them crazy? What is their real agenda? The best description I have found is in the remarkable book by Dinesh D’Souza, “America: Imagine the World Without Her” – also available as a free movie on YouTube.

But let’s talk about the process of making people mad. The Romans used bread and circuses to entertain and distract the people from the fact that Rome was devolving into debauchery, perversion, and financial failure. We see the very same thing happening in North America. Let’s consider the “Bread” part first. The most popular TV shows are found on – wait for it – The Cooking Channel. Up here in Canada, what shows run ad nauseum behind the counter in my bank? Cooking Shows! Not how to invest, how money works, how to save money, what products the bank has to offer – no, entrees and edibles.

In this outstanding video, “The Dumbest People Ever,” we learn that “27.7% of the US population are obese. Studies show that obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people of normal weight. The areas of the brain affected by this tissue loss relate to critical thinking and long term memory. Obesity also hinders blood circulation around the brain, reducing intelligence and cognitive functioning. Eating fatty foods also has an immediate negative impact on short term memories. So the Fat Pride industry now being promoted by the media and the fashion industry is not only promoting chronic illnesses, it’s institutionalizing the acceptance of stupidity.”

See this video: “Is Morbid Obesity Beautiful?” Now I understand why, in North America, the feeding trough fast food joints are actually called “restaurants.”

The “Circuses” part is easy: video games, “reality” TV shows, Dr. Phil pretending to help the most degenerate, delinquent among us, movies that glorify illicit sex, homosexuality, dishonesty, violence and lawlessness, and promote, along with the mainstream media, their anti-family, anti white, heterosexual, Christian male agenda.

The solution? Self education, personal responsibility, removing your vulnerable children from the government schools’ programming and propaganda, health, and spiritual growth. Understand what is really going on in the financial world and prepare yourself accordingly. Strengthen your family. Avoid the poison of being “politically correct” and stand up for what is right. Live according to your values. Or go down with the ship.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com