I know what it feels like when someone who was once a real Karatbars producer suddenly stops producing. Or when they stop returning our calls or suddenly lose interest. I have learnt some valuable lessons about this.

First, when people stop producing, break contact, or lose interest, there’s a good reason for it. Illness, marital problems, being disappointed in their own Team, divorce, a death in the family, remarriage, problems with their kids or parents or extended family… we don’t now why they’ve stopped – it may well just be temporary – and that’s why we should give them the benefit of the doubt and keep the door open for if and when they’re ready to come back. Be patient, be friendly, be mature. Circumstances change.

When I say, “Don’t be attached,” I mean the attachment to an outcome or circumstance or someone else’s choices. Anything that you think you need or are entitled to, or without which you won’t be satisfied or happy or successful, controls you – you give away control to that to which you are attached. Since we are entrepreneurs, in business for ourselves but not by ourselves, we want full control of our lives and our futures. We want freedom, so everyone else is also entitled to their own freedom of choice. When we are attached to the choices or other people, we are no longer in control.

I can only control that which I think and say and do, and this is what I use to build my business. So instead of whining and complaining and blaming and shaming, I need to focus on recruiting more people and supporting those who wish to build Karatbars with me. Some will join me and some won’t. Some will join later, some will stop producing and then start again when they’re ready. Some will join and do nothing for a while and then suddenly leap into action. And that’s all just fine, because I’m going on regardless of what others do. No-one owes me anything.

But I won’t get angry with them or blame them; I won’t choose to be resentful. I will be grateful for everything they have done, and keep my arms open to welcome them back like the proverbial Prodigal Son when they’re ready, if they’re ever ready. I won’t burn bridges, except with bad people. I will be friendly and supportive even if they leave Karatbars. In fact, I will buy their Karatbars gold back from them! It works for me – my Team with grow to 7,000 by the end of this month – our one year anniversary.

Don’t be impatient with your people, either. Many are working hard, trying their best; they just haven’t seen results – YET. Keep encouraging them and acknowledging their hard work and persistence.

Attachment is a cause of suffering and delusion. I have had people attend a Private Gold Reception and decide not to join, but send me referrals instead. If you are objective and professional, this is a great business to be in. Everyone over the age of 18 in 123 countries is a prospect, and when you can’t think of anyone to approach, including revisiting all those you approached in the past, you can help your Team prospect better. Instead of getting bitter, get better! Man up, lose that entitlement attitude, and get excited – we have the best business in the world!

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com