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Years ago, I was traveling a lot in North America and England presenting seminars. Suddenly, one day, I lost my short term memory for four hours. Luckily, I was at home! This happened a few times – up to six hours of being out of action every time – Temporary Global Amnesia. Fortunately, after a lot of tests, I was put on medication, and haven’t have a recurrence for many years.

Here’s the thing: if your business depends on YOU being around, awake, available, and active, sickness and accidents can happen without warning and put you out of business. And no amount of insurance is going to replace you. Plus, NOBODY is going to be as loyal, dependable, and up to date in your business as your spouse. I know this isn’t always the case; in some cases, we wouldn’t want to inflict our spouses on our worst enemies. I’m talking about GOOD, intelligent, well presented, articulate, and able spouses.

Now my wife is a better trainer than I am, although she will deny it. But she never had the opportunity to learn to present my seminars, so we were seriously at risk. In the business that I am presently involved in, we have a great support system and a lot of people will step up to help and build in spite of me, however nobody will have the same vested interest in your success and know as much about your specific people and business as your spouse does.

At my age of 62, I have seen enough in the thousands of businesses I have trained and coached over 28 years to know that disaster and trouble don’t send warnings about their arrival. And I know that these things happen often enough to warrant being prepared for. Another thing: when you’re teamed up with your spouse, you’re very much more effective in your business, because in business, one plus one = three. Statistically, men are trusted more when accompanied by their wives and women are less of a threat to other women when their husbands are with them.

Our spouses will see opportunities and warnings that we miss, they will innovate and fix and initiate and drive when we don’t, and they are there as a sounding board before we make stupid mistakes. In my present business, my wife is a lot more active and involved, and the results speak for themselves. The same applied to our business in South Africa.

I encourage you to consider this important and valuable opportunity seriously.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com