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In the gold business that I am involved in, the one things that prevents people from making their financial dreams from coming true is not that they don’t have the best product in the world – gold – or that they don’t have great training and support – they do – or even that they don’t have what it takes to make it; this is a very simple business that anyone can do.

And it’s not because it takes ages to make money – they can make real money quickly and build a significant business fast with the structure and systems we have. It’s the one thing that is easiest to overlook. They tend to strain at gnats while swallowing camels. By that, I mean they have their priorities mixed up.

Someone once said, “Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” Ignore the unimportant distractions – focus on where the money is to be made. Concentrate on the bottom line. You don’t need to understand the entire compensation plan and the seven ways we get paid – all you need to know is how cycling works, because that is where 80% of our income is from. And you can learn that in ten minutes. You don’t need to worry about things that don’t directly affect your income.

I coach business owners to understand that the purpose of business is the maximum sustainable profit (not sales – profit) as fast as possible, with the least coast, risk, and time, and the most collaboration and leverage. And I don’t charge my Karatbars Team Members my usual $250 – $500 per hour coaching fee – they get my time at no charge. After all, we’re working together in the same business. All I expect from them is work. And focus.

Cut those inferior earners loose. Stop working for cents when you can work for dollars. Stop selling your time when you can build a growing international team producing more that any one person could ever produce. Where focus goes, energy flows, and business grows.

Smart entrepreneurs say, “show me the money!” What makes the most money? This business or that business? This product or that service? When I saw how lucrative this gold business is, I stopped looking for coaching clients or opportunities to present my training and seminars, and I went into this full time. I no longer responded to Joint Venture requests, because that was no longer a priority for me. I know how to say, “No thank you.”

You have 24 hours a day. Through the collaborative, leveraged system that this gold business makes available, you can multiply that time thousands of times, you can get access to resources you’ve never dreamed of, and you can create any amount of money you want.

Patience and persistence, focus and commitment are what it takes. And financial and time freedom is what you get back. Enough money to make all your dreams come true and enough time to enjoy your life. I can think of no other business opportunity available that is more fun, satisfying, or lucrative.

Why pick grapes one at a time when you can own a vineyard or two?

Robin Elliott