That little goldfish is on welfare. A very limited environment, or prison, completely reliant on the hand that feeds, at risk, without control, no options, just waiting for you to forget to feed it, change its water, knock the bowl over, or introduce a cat into the mix.

And the budgie? Same deal – locked in its cage, getting poison gassed every time the smoker who owns it gets up close and personal and starts repeating words at it – loudly – in the hopes that it will learn to talk; pretty much like the government controlled education system, or the government controlled media. And it only gets the amount of seed the owner / government deems necessary that day…

People who are like budgies and goldfish leave their futures, their comfort, their opportunities and allowances to some outside party: employers, managers, government bureaucrats, tax collectors, wardens… they have given up control and ownership of their lives and thy live in fear, loathing, and boredom. They have become politically correct and weak and they have thrown the dreams they once had away.

Then we get the eagles and sharks – taking life by the scruff of the neck and making their own way – deciding for themselves how much money they make, what they do, when they take holidays, whom they spend their time with, what their futures look like. They are the hammer as opposed to the nail. They take charge and they take responsibility. They’re courageous and determined to shape their lives according to their own values and beliefs. They don’t compromise or roll over or quit and run at the first sign of danger.

If you’re living in a cage or a bowl or some other prison structure that means you’ve relinquished control to an outside party, you need to know that you can transform yourself – at will – into a shark or an eagle. Perhaps your business, that was designed to bring you time and money freedom, has turned into a cage. You can fix that. You don’t have to follow the herd of sheeple.

It’s not too late to take those dreams back off the shelf and dust them off. You can soar high above the madding crowd, away from the boat that is heading for the waterfall with its blind, helpless passengers; you can be free.

Let me show you how.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com