“Oh, my God! It was the worst day in my life! We had to sit on the runway for FORTY MINUTES before taking off to fly to London!” Really? Is that the worst discomfort in your life? Feathers fly in a silly mass pillow fight on London’s Trafalgar Square. Vancouver’s Comicon attracts hoards of grownups who never grew up.

I see people rushing into Target Stores – yes, those American retailers who failed miserably in Canada and left massive debts behind them when they fled, bankrupt – and buying overpriced trinkets that they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people who don’t notice and don’t care, simply because a sign tells then they’re getting a 50% discount. We’re a lost herd of soft, godless, spoilt, pot smoking hippy children who prefer video games and TV reality shows to facing up to what is coming like a speeding freight train: massive hyperinflation, looting and riots, or “civil insurrection,” if you prefer that label. Wake up!

And before you cry, “Conspiracy Theory!” and rush back to your pillow fights and comics, let me assure you of one thing that history has taught us: those who are prepared will win. Less than 45% of Canadian adults own life insurance. Many of their families will be destitute if the main breadwinner is killed or disabled, and the government will not provide sufficient funds for them to survive. Not unless they’re so-called “refugees” or prisoners, that is. But instead of buying life insurance, they rush blindly along, valuing another drunken trip to Mexico or hockey tickets or cigarettes above their families’ security.

You can prance around in camo pants and preen yourself in a gym all day long, but that’s not enough to prepare yourself to defend your family and your safety when the pawpaw hits the fan. When the value of your savings and pensions is cut in half and your mortgage and rent double and then double again, all those shiny baubles and that leased car won’t save you. When your neighbours come knocking loudly on your door and demanding your food, waving your environmentalist placards at them won’t help you.

And the supermarkets shelves will have been emptied a long time ago. And you won’t outrun the marauding mobs if you’re morbidly obese, even if you refer to yourself as being “big.”

What will you do when you run out of food and water and your welfare and disability cheques stop coming? Remember the story about the ant and the grasshopper? The zombies that are coming won’t be the undead, they’ll be your neighbours.

With the US Fed’s decision to print, print, print trillions of dollars, individuals will soon see inflation like never before. Numerous experts are now predicting gold to soar in the future. When you convert money to gold, you have not spent money, but rather transferred its value from a declining paper currency to a powerful asset, providing a long-term hedge against inflation. Smart investors are currently moving 25-30% of their assets into gold. If you believe the data coming from the US government, you probably also believe in unicorns or you’re an Obama voter.

So when I suggest people will need five things in their near future – God, Guts, Guns, Groceries and Gold – think about it. Get your priorities in place. Get serious about life, because life is serious and it’s not fair or politically correct, and no matter how “outraged” you feel. Even if you’re wearing your Spiderman outfit. Take action. Prepare yourself. Hook up with people who can show you how to get prepared. If not for your sake, then do it for your family. I can show you how to build a solid residual income from multiple, proven sources.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com