As the price of gold rises and falls in relation to the sputtering candle of the US dollar, many are confused.

Voltaire wrote that “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.” ALL paper money. Paper money has a one hundred fifty year history that is all bad – every fiat currency has eventually crashed into hyperinflation and then nothingness, without fail and without exception. Gold money has a five thousand year history that is all good. It has never and will never fail.

Any intelligent person will concede that value is not determined by price. And in spite of the lies and fabricated data about the state of their declining their economy that Pinocchio’s cousin, the US government, reels out, and the current state of the US$ in relation to the price of gold, we know full well that their manipulation is simply a last ditch attempt to maintain order.

The cracks have been showing for years and their imminent loss of status as the world’s reserve currency has made them suppress the price of gold and silver, but, like a balloon under water, they won’t be able to do so for much longer. We are exhorted to “buy low, sell high,” and that means that this is a window in time, a vanishing, one time opportunity, to grab as much real gold money as we can. So clever people are exchanging their depreciating Monopoly money for real gold money in ever increasing numbers.

In the USA, any and all gold and gold coin purchases are recorded. The US government knows exactly who has what. You do not actually own any government issue coins; you are merely the bearer of those coins. Governments in financial duress can recall gold coins and pay the bearer its face value. Ask yourself this: where do you think the United States government is going to get the gold to restock their shelves? History will repeat itself, and as Churchill said, the further we look back in history the further into the future we can see, so when the US government once again decides to seize the gold of its citizens, make sure your gold is from an independent foundry. The correct gold to buy and the right way to buy it is here for private and secure gold sales.

Concerned about affordability, even at today’s low price? You can get it here by the GRAM – affordable, easy to trade, guaranteed by an assayer’s signature and details of the foundry.

You cannot measure the value of gold by looking at it’s current, artificial price measured in a dying paper currency that has a value based on false data. Naturally, the price of gold is being held down to prevent citizens from realizing that there is an alternative to the destruction that is coming with inevitable hyperinflation. Unarmed, exhausted, godless, poor people are no threat to government agendas and control. The value of gold has never and will never decrease.

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