A tragic story appeared in the Daily Mail about the drowning of a father and son:

“A terrified father neck-deep in seawater hoisted his son on to his shoulders in a desperate attempt to save him from the rising tide. Stranded in dense fog, Stewart Rushton had no idea which direction led to the safety of the shore. All he could do was stand on a sandbank hoping that the rescue teams he could hear a few hundred yards away would find them in time.

“At one point his nine-year-old son Adam answered their mobile phone and said bravely that he was ‘all right’ before handing it to his father. Mr Rushton, 51, told coastguards that the water was up to his neck but he could hear their sirens in the fog.

“Minutes later, when the phone was answered again, only the sound of the sea could be heard and then the line went dead. The bodies of father and son were discovered yesterday at Ulverston Sands, Cumbria, after their family had joined an anguished search operation.” Read more here.

Today, many families feel they are in similar figurative circumstances: they have discovered to their dismay that they can’t outwork inflation, and that the ripple effect of working longer and longer hours for less and less money is having a devastating effect on their families. The poisonous fog of confusion, carefully created by the media at the behest of their masters, the bankers, and their puppets, the politicians, obscures the remedy and the rescue.

More time and enough money seem like as distant and unobtainable as the rescue boat did to Mr. Ashton and his young son, yet sufficient money and time would mean a stable family life, decent schools, quality of life, a good diet, safety, security, self respect, and hope in the future.

For seniors, the situation is even more dire as medical costs and taxes spiral out of control and their energy and health decline along with diets which leave much to be desired as they are forced to purchase cheap, inferior foodstuffs.

The fog of propaganda and the “politically correct” initiative, along with the concerted attack on Christianity, traditional family values and sexual roles, and the government’s collectivist agenda of keeping the populace poor, uninformed, uneducated, and exhausted is hard to penetrate. But not impossible to penetrate.

Enough money and time provides perspective, freedom, independence, and options. It will allow people the time to think for themselves, to find like-minded associates, and to withstand the rape of our values and rights. You don’t have to perish in the fog. Here is a rescue boat for you to consider boarding. Contact me and let me show you how you can break free.

Robin Elliott Leverageadvantage.com