If you’re tired of the mouth breathers claiming that gold is no longer a viable investment, here’s news that should cheer you up. (Having said that, you can lead people to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.) And if you’re trying to justify the fact that you’re making money by getting people to invest in fiat currency via stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments that will ensure they continue to lose their wealth through inflation, you’ll probably ignore this.

Here’s the simple sentence and the logical, objective conclusion of the implications of that sentence.

“It costs more to produce gold right now than what it’s selling for.” That’s right. It’s being sold at a loss! The obvious result of that is either the price will go up because people stop producing it, or the price will go up in order for them to justify continuing to produce it. But the price will, inevitably, go up, as it has for 5,000 years. Paper money is merely a substitute for gold, and every paper currency has failed, without exception.

Add to that the fact that China and Russia are stockpiling gold, possibly with a view to replacing the US dollar with a new currency that is backed by gold, as the US dollar once was, and the reality of the bankruptcy of America, with a potential currency reset that will impoverish millions, and it’s never been a better time to buy gold.

But beware! The American government already seized the gold of their citizens once before, and they weren’t close to as desperate as they are now. So make sure you buy gold that they are not legally allowed to seize. Already, instruments are being put in place by governments around the world to track private ownership of gold, and why do you think that is? Are they planning to take it? When you buy, be sure to buy the right gold.

You’re heard “Buy low, sell high.” Well, now you get the opportunity to do the former and look forward to the latter.

So next time the nose pickers, plate lickers, garbage pickers and tyre kickers start talking trash about gold, remember, Silence is Golden, and just buy more. Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine, said, “Gold is constant. It’s like the North Star.” So hitch your wagon to the gold star, and one day, maybe you’ll look back and thank me for this little insight.

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