I chatted with a Mormon missionary the other day who told me of his grueling schedule with a happy smile on his face. Imagine if you put this effort into your business for two years, what do you think you could accomplish?

Boys of 18 spend two years as missionaries (Girl of 19 spend 18 months) – they get to call home twice a year – once for Mothers day and once for Christmas. They don’t get to chose where in the world they get sent. There are 88,000 of them.

They wake up at 6.30am, exercise until 7, shower until 7.30, finish cooking breakfast, eating it, and washing the dishes by 8am, personal scripture study until 10am when they hit the streets and start working, serving people, proselytizing, serving their local congregation, having doors slammed in their faces, talking to people on the street, being spat at and sworn at and ignored, teaching and helping people until – wait for it – 9 and sometimes 9.30 at night. Six days a week. On the seventh day they get to email their family – usually from a library. No books, TV, movies, sports. For two years. No salary – they pay their own way.

He smiled and said, “Some days we plant, and some days we harvest.”

How many hours a day do you spend on your business? How many prospects do you pitch? What would happen if you put this kind of effort, commitment, enthusiasm, and belief into your business? I must say, I was shamed when I thought how little I work when I compared myself with this young man. The girls work just as hard. And often they are sent to countries where they don’t even speak the language! They get a few weeks’ crash course in learning the basics of the language and off they go.

I must say, if I was hiring a salesperson, I would hire one of these people first. No fear of rejection, an amazing work ethic and self discipline, decency, honesty… wow! Let’s reconsider how much we are planting in our businesses, and based on that, how much we can realistically expect to harvest in sales. How badly do you want to succeed?

I’m on a mission with a commission!

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com