Imagine a great race car driver. He is given a car that is only running on three cylinders, has flat tyres, and has never been serviced. So he loses the race. He tried his best, he worked hard and followed instructions, and was enthusiastic, but he failed. Actually, the problem wasn’t him – he just had the wrong vehicle. Many have tried different home based businesses and failed for this reason.

Another reason why people fail is the lack of proper training and support. Make sure you have the right team to mentor and support you.

How about the wrong / outdated product or service? Some products are no longer viable or overpriced, and those companies have plateaued a long time ago.

Also, the system that you are using. Many MLM / Network Marketing companies have built in systems that allow them to disqualify you from payments, for example, you have to “qualify” to be paid by buying a regular amount of products you don’t need and can’t use (auto ship), or those who do better than you “break away” and you no longer get paid on their efforts, in spite of the fact that you recruited them! Then there is flushing of points and numerous other underhanded tricks.

When you find the right business and you get the right training and support, there are 3 stages of marketing as outlined in “Dare to Dream-Work to Win” by Dr. Tom Barrett that everyone goes through:

“It’s not worth it – this is where you are putting in time and effort and not getting the rewards and this is where 98% of people stop or move to the next up and coming program. As they are not pushing through their own mindset barriers they will just repeat this process time and time again and not make any progress towards becoming successful online or in any other business venture.

It’s worth it stage – the amount of time being invested in your business directly correlates to the amount of money you are earning and all the costs of your time and efforts are being covered.

I’m not worth this much stage – You are now getting paid WAY beyond your efforts and time and expenses….and have to keep pinching yourselves each day. This is where dreams are made.

You need to stay motivated as you go through the different stages as part of your growth, similar to children needing to crawl before they learn to walk as different skills are developed at each stage.”

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