Canned is Banned

People will do more to avoid pain than to gain a benefit. Even more to relieve pain. So FIND THE PAIN, then show your prospect how joining your business can relieve their pain or solve their problem completely. Since money can help remove or relieve pain in most cases, or provide an environment in which people can “suffer in comfort,” show them how your opportunity can be applied in most cases. It can be the solution to most problems!

Approaching everyone with the same canned approach is infantile and potsmoker lazy, and tantamount to having a tree climbing competition for elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and sea turtles.

Where Does it Itch?

To recruit people effectively, we need to scratch the itch. If your right elbow is itching, it’s no good me scratching your left foot, right? So we need to know where the pain and problems are in order to provide our proven solution in the form of your opportunity. We can’t guess, surmise, or hope; we have to have the prospect tell us, then we need them to elaborate of the problems and the pain in order to heighten their desire for a solution.

Listening: Active, not Passive

Listen carefully. Telling is not selling. Ask open ended questions, talk less, listen more. Let them talk and elaborate.
For example, You ask, “How’s business? Making lots of money? Living the dream?”
He replies, “You’ve gotta be joking – it gets harder and we get taxed more and more.”
Then use questions like, “Tell more more! How does that affect your peace of mind? What are you doing to change that? What’s working for you?” Get him telling you how tough his life is, how it affects his family, and so on.

Matching Itches to Pitches

Once we know what the problem is, we need to think carefully how we could apply the  solution, how it would fit with the prospect’s current circumstances and resources, before blundering blindly forward with pathetic proposals and preposterous pitches.

Setting it Up

This may be of interest to you. This may not be of interest to you, but… A solution you may consider…
If there was a way… Have you heard of…

“This may or may not be of interest to you, but hearing how your cashflow is suffering and it’s taking time to remedy that, I was just thinking, if there was a way for you to generate an additional, say, $500 to $5,000 per week in net profit, straight to your bottom line, would you want to know more about it?”

“If there was a way to pay off that debt and even take care of Jonathan’s college fees,would that be of interest to you?”

Closing Instead of Posing

We’re not in business to impress, to prance around on stages, have our photos taken, be noticed and accepted, or to seem smart; we’re in business to MAKE MONEY. And if you don’t ASK for it, you’re not likely to GET it.

Well, Sally, are you going to go for the VIP Package? You look like a CEO to me.
Tell me, Evan, are you going to use Visa, MasterCard or American Express for this?
Josh, which package are you going to get for your wife? I assume you’re going for VIP?
Peter, let’s get you up and running in time for …
(Find urgency and scarcity – an impending event – get leverage.)

Following Up

We’ve heard “the magic is in the follow-up” – well, it’s true. Statistically, you can double your enrollments with correct follow-up. Remember, after being effectively pitched, when their reception is positive, they’re highly likely to buy. That enthusiasm dissipates quickly over time, so it’s very important to follow up and get them properly enrolled as soon as possible. Do they need more information? What blockages do they need help removing?


New babies need milk and help as they grow. New people in Karatbars need disciplining, mentoring, encouragement, assistance, training, until they are strong. No matter how successful they might have been in other areas of business, or how much they may know about cultivating cabbages or building boxcars, they know NOTHING about Karatbars, and they deserve our caring assistance. It’s our responsibility. They need help with 3 ways and presentations and meetings. Don’t leave them as soon as you’ve enrolled them. Get them strong, and they will emulate you – lead by example. Duplication!

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com