Are you ready to start a new journey from the mundane and mediocre to mastery and magic? From frustration and scarcity to abundance and freedom? It’s important to know what your journey will entail so that you may be properly prepared. Perhaps, that journey will come upon you unexpectedly, and you will have little choice in the matter, but how you handle the journey means everything.

Every hero story ever told follows the same five steps:

1. The Hero begins the story in a Place they have No Desire To Be.
That place of unease can grow over time until it becomes unacceptable, or it can happen suddenly, without warning; like war or an earthquake or hyperinflation or 911 or 2008 or a hurricane or a sudden death or divorce. It could be a money problem, a relationship problem, a spiritual problem, or a physical problem.

2. The Call to Adventure: Someone or something tells the Hero there is something else out there. There is an offer – a missionary knocks on your door, you’re invited to a business meeting, someone calls you, or opportunity knocks in some other manner.

3. Crossing the Threshold: The Hero crosses into the new world, leaving the old world behind.
A courageous decision is made to change, to try something new, to take the road less traveled – action is taken, a new start, a new beginning!

4. The Path of Trials: The hero goes on an adventure meeting new people, learning new skills, and overcoming challenges.
This is the place where most fail, where they quit, turn and run, desert; this is what separates the goats from the sheep, the men from the boys, the heroes from the zeroes – the proving ground, the testing area.

5. The Master of Two Worlds: Having succeeded in the new world, the Hero returns to the old world as a changed person.
The victor returns to help those who are where he once was, to offer the same opportunity to them – the “giving back” phase. True heroes lend a hand up to those courageous enough to follow them.

There are multiple true life stories of real heroes taking this journey, and you can join us.

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