As spring knocks on our door here in the northern hemisphere, there’s a sense of new life, new beginnings, starting over. Here in beautiful Vancouver, birds are tweeting, the sun is shining, bikes are out in full force. For some, though, it’s been a long, hard winter. Time for a change.

Unlike the seasons, we have the power of choice in our lives, and we can choose to end our dreary, stressful financial winters. Someone wrote, “Six months from now, you’ll be glad you started today.” And while some are addicted to their comfort zones and avoid change and risk as much as possible, sometimes the pain of remaining where we are is so severe that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to break free and create a bright, new spring in our lives.

Sometimes, our concern is that there is no way out. Well, the place to begin is to admit and accept that we are ready for a change, ready to break free, ready to do what we have to do in order to shovel our way out of the miserable, freezing snow bank that has suffocated and paralyzed us for so long, draining the last ounce of warmth, energy, hope and happiness out of us. That’s the first step: to be ready and willing. And those are the people who find new opportunities and solutions! In fact, those solutions always been around, we just haven’t noticed them.

Unlike those who are so desperate to break from their money shackles, so hasty to thaw, that they grab the first get rich quick scam and tumble from a mild Vancouver winter into an icy Manitoba deep freeze, we need to be selective when choosing our escape vehicle. There are a few things we need to avoid like thin ice on a frigid lake:

1. Selling our time
2. Limited geographical options (the more localized, the higher the risk)
3. No leverage
4. No collaboration
5. No chance of self perpetuation.

In other words, we need to avoid creating a job for ourselves, with all the risks, limitations, and frustrations that go along with it. Mortgage and insurance salespeople, house salespeople, any kind of sales job, no matter how fancy and impressive the wrapping, the title, and the pitch may be, is as bad as buying a franchise, which is like buying a job. That’s not the way to create freedom and an eternal summer. You don’t want to get into that wintry loop of finding business, delivering the service, getting paid, and then having to find more business; it’s a fool’s errand.

Once we accept that it’s never too late to start over, that there is always a way to escape the glacial depths of financial winters, the solutions and opportunities will start showing up like beautiful crocuses rising out of the cold dirt in spring. It happened to me in June last year. I was getting bored with selling my expensive coaching and presenting seminars to help other people to prosper in their businesses, it’s hard to set up joint ventures in this economy, and I was getting tired, since I can’t duplicate myself. When I admitted that I was ready for change, along came the best opportunity I have seen in 28 years in business. I teach people to create multiple income streams and I coach my own business partners for free!

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Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com