I loved the book, Unbroken. After reading it, I encouraged Rika to read it, too. And the movie was great. True story. Really motivating. Highly recommended. And the thread that runs through it is something his brother shared with hero when it came to tough training for the Olympics – a simple slogan:

“If you can take it, you can make it.” What I like about this is that is simplifies things – a condition: IF, it’s personal: YOU, it implies choice: CAN, a price to pay: TAKE IT, a promise: CAN, and a process: MAKE. It doesn’t say, “Some make it, some don’t, and it’s not their fault.” That’s what too many people in today’s world, steeped as they are in compromise, instant gratification, situational ethics, political correctness, and never-ending excuses, refuse to accept.

In real life, YOU are responsible. You WILL fail if you cheat, quit, are lazy and impatient, reinvent the wheel, look for shortcuts, or associate with or take advice from the wrong people. On the other hand, if you don’t quit, follow proven our formulas, work hard, take personal responsibility, and carefully choose whom you team up with, you are guaranteed success in Karatbars in the long run. And that long run can be as short as 12 weeks. Patient, focused perseverance and integrity are the hallmarks of champions.

The book I refer to shows how important our choices are and the ripple effect they have, not only in our own lives, but also in the love of those around us. It demonstrates how this slogan helped the hero face impossibly hard times in a raft at sea for 45 days and incarceration in a concentration camp. As leaders in Karatbars, we know that we have a serious responsibility towards those who have trusted us to join our organizations, no matter if they are in our strong or weak legs. On the other hand, we are not here to change diapers, beg people to work, or accept weak excuses.

This business isn’t about egos or strutting about on a stage at every opportunity for pictures and recognition; that’s for has-beens and losers. This business, like any business, is about making money. That’s why people join. Work with the willing and those who are serious about creating security, wealth, and happiness for themselves and their families. If your Karatbars business isn’t making money for you yet, MAN UP. Stop making excuses, hiding, and blaming your upline, downline, leaders, Karatbars, the village you live in, and the blind rat in the cellar: it’s YOUR FAULT. So YOU have to fix it.

All the help and support and training you need is right here in Karatbars, from your Directors, our websites, webinars, Super Saturdays, PGR’s and VGR’s. We want you to prosper. All you have to do is ask for guidance and then apply the tools and advice you receive with enthusiasm, faith, and gratitude. Don’t be an ASKHOLE: one who asks for advice and then doesn’t take it. You get out of this business what you put into it, and anyone can make it, because it’s a very simple business with the best possible product, no competition, and international scope.

It’s never too late to start over, wake up, put out your smelly emphysema phallus, get out of bed and off the couch, turn off the telly, and get to work. In a few months time, you will be glad you did, and when hyperinflation hits us unexpectedly with the force of a runaway freight train, you will be rich overnight if you have enough gold. No other business that I know of can give you the reach, collaborative leverage, and opportunity to take part in the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. If you can take it, you can make it.

Robin Elliott  LeverageAdvantage.com