In the world of green screen, Photoshop, fake watches, knock-offs, posers, political misdirection and misinformation, plastic surgery, and scams, many people are searching for reality. For the real deal. They’re tired of the video game, reality TV show, dressed up, counterfeit rubbish and fraudulent false flag events they have been fed for so long by their lying, make-believe media, and phony leaders.

We’re looking for authenticity and the real deal, not politically correct claptrap and manipulation. We see how the Hollywood concocted US economy is finally coming apart at the seams, how the Affirmative Action traitor who was elected as a US President has effectively sabotaged that once great country, how the monopoly money, Ponzi Scheme US dollar is crumbling. We’re concerned that we can no longer believe anything that the mouthpiece media vomits over us at every opportunity.

And America is not alone in their fraudulent fabrication of reality. The Russian President is KGB/FSB, and I won’t even start on the chicanery of the Chinese. Sub-Saharan Africa has never changed; remove the Whites and everything falls, predictably, into chaos, terror, and government sponsored crime. Muslim Fundamentalists are torturing and killing on a wide scale. The need for honesty, truth, and integrity has never been greater. Truth, directness, and openness is what good people want now.

The planned perversion, with the eager assistance of Hollywood, of the traditional values and sexual norms and roles that created a world of success in the West, and the orchestrated attacks on White people, Christianity, heterosexuality, families, and capitalism have brought decency to its knees. In more ways than one.

When we look at the five major areas of our lives: Family, Social, Financial, Spiritual, and Physical, it’s important to try and find something that supports all areas, that we can align our lives and what we do and spend time on with our values, while at the same time creating a happy, peaceful, and successful life. It takes courage to do this, because it will mean confronting a few issues, change, the end of compromise, cutting out a few destructive relationships and perhaps habits, and standing up for what we believe in, but it’s well worth it.

Personally, at the age of 62, I have been fortunate to have lived a full life, having lived in many places and been involved in many organizations and associations, businesses, relationships, and opportunities. So my frame of reference is wide and varied, and I have no problem flying in the face of the Politically Correct scam and trying to please people for whom I have no respect at all. So here’s what works for me; it covers all my needs. Perhaps it will work for you, perhaps not. Perhaps your solution works better for you, and that’s great.

The three two areas, like a three-legged stool, that I have based my future on, are my marriage of nearly 29 years, my religion, and our business.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com