Read the above. Someone posted a picture on Facebook with the slogan, “The US has blown $400 million on its latest fighter jet. That’s enough to buy every homeless person in America a $664,000 mansion.” Well, let’s see what would happen to those mansions.

A friend of mine in Alberta told me that when he was growing up, “First Nations” (Indian) kids were each given $118,000 by the Canadian Government when they turned eighteen. They bought cars and houses and boats. And after a year, the house was a slum wreck, the car was on bricks in the yard, never having been maintained, and the boat had usually sunk.

The vast majority of people who win sweepstakes and lotto’s and large amounts of money from other sources, loose it all within three years. Many people who inherit money squander it.

In Rhodesia, then Zimbabwe, when I remarked that some houses had caved in roofs, I was told that the newly empowered blacks, when they bought houses, were too lazy or cheap to pay for electricity / hydro, so they ripped out the rafters and made fires in the ovens to heat the stoves. Because it was too much trouble to clean the ovens, they then proceeded to make barbecues in the bathtubs. And when the rafters ran out and the roofs collapsed, they ripped off doors and closet doors and made barbecues in the yard. One look at Detroit and one sees the same thing.

“The poor get poorer and the rich get richer” we all know that. And in a capitalist society, which Zimbabwe, South Africa, America, and Canada all are, good people can work their way out of poverty. It’s easy to blame “the system” – the same one that makes it possible for poor people to become wealthy. But the bottom line is that it’s better to teach a person to fish and to make him responsible and accountable than to simply hand over fish / money / Obama cellphones. Africa is living proof of that. Trillions of dollars have been handed over and the situation just gets worse.

Losers hate being held accountable and having to earn their money. Liberals will blame whites, capitalism, the Christian church, anything to justify robbing the producers to spoil the parasites. It’s nothing new. Excuses never solved anything. Anyone who has visited Cuba can see Obama’s vision of the future United States: the crumbling of a once prosperous, capitalist country.

Could the governments do more for people who genuinely deserve their help? Of course they do. Those who are the victims of natural disasters, those that really can’t help themselves, like the physically and mentally debilitated, seniors, disaster victims, and returning, often damaged military veterans deserve help, but handing over money willy nilly to whiners, druggies, potheads, illegal immigrants, and other parasites doesn’t work. Read Atlas Shrugged. Read 1984.

Robin Elliott