What could it look like? Can you live with that? Perhaps you can, and that’s just fine, but would you prefer something better? What would have to change for it to be a “dream come true”? What is missing? What do you need to make it ideal?

What people ought to know about their futures is that the process through change to radical improvement is not necessarily magical or unattainable. Have you believed it is impossible to alter to course of your life? Have you even thought of quitting and just letting things keep on running downhill? It’s tempting at times, I know.

But where does one start to effect small changes on which exciting improvements and change for the better hinge?

Three small, yet vitally important adjustments that could alter your trajectory into the future are the following:

1. The stories we tell ourselves.
About our circumstances, our options, our challenges, threats, and potential. We tend to believe the way we interpret our surroundings and opportunities. When we change this, EVERYTHING changes.

2. The people with whom we surround ourselves and our support group.
This is possibly the most important difference between creating a wonderful future and one that, frankly, stinks. We tend to emulate those with whom we spend the most time. And we need people a lot more that we tend to acknowledge.

3. Our values.
Revisiting, recognizing, prioritizing, and aligning our values and our objectives, then making sure that those people with whom we are associated share those values is crucial to our peace of mind and success.

And finally, recognize that success, as Paul J. Meyer said, is not some final destination, but rather it begins as soon as we embark upon our exciting quest: “Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals.” Champions understand that this requires three simple ingredients: Patience, Persistence, and Focus. This is the recipe for real success. This is what I teach.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com