Putting ones faith in the idea that something will work out, that an effort will bear fruit, that an investment of time or money with produce results, or even that one is being told the truth is hard for people these days. And it’s quit understandable. And as the world economy disintegrates and financial desperation increases, fear and trembling paralyzes many people.

This is quite understandable in light of the fact that many of us have been ripped off and lied to in the past. North America is, after, all, B.S. Central. But rather than slowly descending into the Pit of Despond, running our of hope and money simultaneously while we blame everything from Madame Barack Obama, the Resentment Organizer, and her mooching minions to Putin, Bush, and Punxsutawney Phil, we need to consider our options.

Faith is a funny thing, because the principle of Sowing and Reaping is a peculiar process. In our modern, instant gratification, microwave, remote control, Tweet type society, we have to be reminded that faith takes time to yield results. Correct sowing results in reaping – as momentum builds. And the amount of sowing and investment of time and effort also determines how soon we will see results.

Farmers understand this, but how many of us rub shoulders with real farmers? Life isn’t a movie in which people move from rags to riches in ninety minutes flat, or a video game.

Yet we need financial relief and we need is as fast as possible, and we simply won’t last years while we build a conventional business. And magical, miracle lotions, potions, pills and juices and other snake oil, placebo effect gimmicks, and get rich quick scams gets no traction with thinking people.

And you’ve tried the real estate flipping and investing deal.

What to do?

1. Find a product or service you can believe in and that will appeal to thinking people; those are the ones with money to spend. That precludes diet scams and machines that shake the weight off you just by standing on them.

2. Find a Mentor with a real track record and a system that are both succeeding well right now – not some hasbeen hack that made money long ago and still makes money selling his “story” to course junkies eating free chicken dinners in hotel venues.

3. Make sure the cost is affordable to you and can be redeemed within a reasonable amount of time. Avoid hidden costs, “autoship,” etc.

4. Look at the potential earning and the time it will take to get there.

5. Make sure you can talk to real, local people who are currently involved and really making real money.

Talk to me about two money machines that I use and that work.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com