Less and less people are able to retire with a comfortable, stress free life, a livable pension, and time to do things they always dreamt of while they slaved away their best years in their jobs and businesses. More and more pension funds are tanking. Inflation and soaring medical costs and property taxes are putting an end to the dream. What to do?

You won’t get a job; I’m sixty-two – we’re too old, unless we want to pack bags in a grocery store or guard icy building sites in the middle of the night. Or perhaps walk peoples’ dogs, clean their houses, or mind their uncontrollable offspring. There are myriad new, eager, young immigrants who will grab those jobs first.

You could try to work in a call centre and go slowly nuts, or pretend to be a bookkeeper or, worse still, a “coach” or “business consultant,” or perhaps a Realtor or a life insurance punter – good luck with that – every other unemployed person is doing that, too. And you’re too smart to get roped into the MLM/Network marketing mill to flog miracle juices or magic pills and potions.

Your time and money is running out, along with your energy and any hope of finding a solution. I know. And the government doesn’t care about senior housing or medical or care; we all know that that. Prices rise, along with our anxiety. Men feel responsible to provide for, support, and protect their wives, and single female seniors find their quality of life diminishing by the month. Will we end up shopping at the local Dollar Store and eating less and wearing old clothes from the Thrift shop?

In some cases we are physically limited, and we don’t have the energy we once had. Even if we have access to our kids, many of them are too busy to take care of us, much less support us financially. We have to rely on taxis and buses and the goodness of our neighbours – if we can. What will happen to us? Where will we end up? The future looks bleak, especially with inflation and our ailing health.

There is hope! You’ve been praying and hoping and wishing for a solution – well, here it is. These two are really good. You CAN walk boldly into your autumn years with a spring in your step.

Yes, there is a solution. Regardless of your age, background, experience, circumstances, education… As long as you are reasonably computer literate and have online access, you can get into a business that will work for you.

I have two real, working, easily affordable solutions for you. Call me and let’s talk.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com