The banks, “Quantative Easing,” terrorism, and on and on. But let’s look below the surface a bit. Let’s look at America, for example. Let’s look at how every time any country wanted to sell their oil for anything but the counterfeit “Petrodollar,” America painted them as terrorists using weapons on mass destruction, created false flag episodes, and bombed them to kingdom come.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Americans, and they were once the greatest country on earth, but power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Greed and unfettered arrogance have their consequences. Bullies ultimately lose, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Let’s look at how any country that didn’t kowtow to America’s bullying was demonized in the American press. Then let’s consider the huge problem of Americans trying to be “Politically Correct”, avoid “offending” anyone (except white Christians, of course – they’re fair game). Blacks in America can get away with saying and doing pretty much anything they want or they cry “Racism!” and riot, burn, and plunder and go crazy. Hollywood is careful to depict the wisest, kindest, strongest leader in almost every movie they churn out as being a black man or woman. And finally, they make a black man, who only got to where he was thanks to Affirmative Action, as their President. And how’s that working out?

Let’s look at the level of understanding of the rest of the world that the average American has. A good illustration is from the movie, The Interview:
David Skylark: “Holy amole! A tank!”
Kim Jong-un: “It was a gift from my grandfather from Stalin.”
David Skylark: “In my country it’s pronounced Stallone.”

Well, the world looks at this fiasco and laughs. Radical Muslims say, “Well, America is terrified of being accused of collateral damage and torture, while we can torture, behead, threaten and bomb at will. We can control what they print and what they say – all we have to do is threaten them with violence and they run like girls. The Russians feel the same way. As do the Chinese, and pretty much the rest of the world. They’re sick and tired of America’s tactics, and they don’t pull any punches, because they don’t care.

Obama, the Community Organizer and pot smoker, is a joke when up against Putin, who is a treacherous, hard-as-nails, KGB trained killer. The Chinese are not known for being softies or high up on the ethics scale – they openly steal, counterfeit, and manipulate. Even the Cubans are laughing at Obama’s pathetic, hat-in-hand, bowing approaches. His rejection of Israel and hostility towards England are amazing. And now America’s myriad enemies and those who received the short end of the stick in the past are banding together – and that’s not good news.

The US dollar is already history and who knows what will replace it as a currency. IMF currency? Chinese Yuan backed by gold? The Euro has its own problems – what will follow the Swiss franc? The Drachma? The Deutsche Mark? Hyperinflation and/or a financial crisis far worse than 2008 is about to hit the world without any warning. And if you think your real estate holding with save you, here’s news: Greeks who had lived mortgage free for generations in their homes LOST their homes when the Greek government pushed property taxes through the roof.

The answer to survival here is 5,000 years old; it’s tried and tested through the centuries, and it is gold.

The video below is an analogy. America is the dog. The rest of the world is the donkey. Sooner or later, the dog gets his comeuppance.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com