President Monson showed Paul Christensen a beautiful wooden carving he had of a salmon swimming between rocks. He asked Paul, “Can you identify the real rock? One of those rocks is real; the rest are wooden carvings that look like rocks.”

Paul identified the wrong rock a few times, and then President Monson said, “Pick the one you identified up.” Sure enough, when he picked it up, it was light – wooden. But when he picked up the real rock, it was heavy – like a rock. President Monson’s message to Paul Christensen was that you can read the Bible all day long, but until you apply it (pick it up), you will not experience it and know it is real – you won’t believe it and it won’t work for you – it won’t make sense.

In business, the same principle applies. You you can read about business and attend seminars and courses and programs all day long, but until you actually apply those ideas and principles, you understand nothing.

And that is why it is to important to fast track your business success by learning from and being mentored by people who have years of experience and success – they will direct and lead you and as you apply what they teach you, you will learn and grow and build. Theory is all very well, but it means nothing until it is applied in the real world, tested, and used.

“Course junkies” and eternal students are usually hiding from the real world and avoiding commitment and exposure. They are merely academics, and academics and bureaucrats are of little use in the practical world.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com