Little Johnnie had a been a good boy the whole week, and his Mom rewarded him by giving him a nickel to spend at the gumball machine at their local store. The gumball machine was between the two entry doors.

Johnnie usually had his bigger brother turn the handle on the gumball machine after inserting his nickel, but his little hands were too weak to turn the handle, and here he was stuck between the two doors. His Mom called him to come outside so that she could open the door again and let him in, then turn the handle on the gumball machine for him.

Johnnie was torn between obedience to his Mom and “losing” his gumball; he didn’t understand that his Mom was going to let him back in and help him get his gumball out of the machine. I heard this story at our church convention where I offered the opening prayer. The analogy was that obedience to God’s principles brings greater blessings than our temporary distractions, however in this instance I would like to apply it to business.

Instant Gratification has a stranglehold on the throats to too many people these days. The grass always seems greener somewhere else, the sun shine brighter on the next opportunity, and instead of “slow and steady wins the race”, instead of consistency and persistency, we want it all now – in a hurry – with as little effort and cost as possible. Yet the hard things are usually what get the results. Easy is seldom the way to lasting success. Winning takes discipline.

We have to let go of the small things to win the big things. We have to be prepared to sow now in order to reap later – that’s why we say, “Successful people are prepared to do now what others won’t do in order to have on the future what others can’t have.” Addiction to their comfort zones is what locks most people into lives of servitude, desperation, and unhappiness. Weeds grow easy – not so much roses…

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