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“I’m a hasbeen.”
“I’m through – I’ve lost my mojo.”
“I’m washed out – I’m done.”
“I’ve lost it! The good days are gone – I’m history.”

These self-defeating thoughts have brutally assailed many of us in the past. And unfairly, because usually, the reason why your business is not soaring to new highs is not your abilities or hard work; it’s that you’re in the wrong VEHICLE. You’re still a skilled driver, but wheelbarrows don’t feature well in the Grand Prix, even when we believe they can win and we’ve been convinced that they can by others.

When you change to a Lamborghini, you’ll realize that you’re still great, you can still will, and you will happily regain your self confidence and hope. But first, you have to stand back and objectively evaluate your options: “If I keep on in this “wheelbarrow” vehicle, where will I be in six months? What will my bank balance look like? My family? My life?” The perceived pain of change has to be less than the pain of staying where we are.

Then we need to evenhandedly evaluate the options before us, in a detached, mature manner: the pros and cons, the risks, the cost, the potentials, the time it will take to replace whatever we’re earning now, and so on. I like to ask my coaching clients this question to see where they are at emotionally: “If you were offered an opportunity that could create double the income that you are presently earning, with the same amount of work, are you open to looking at it?”

In many cases, you are not the problem – it’s the vehicle you’re using to take you to your dreams.

Robin Elliott