A fox and a rabbit enjoyed a break. Talk turned to their common enemy, the hunters’ hounds. The fox said he had no concerns, because he was “so clever” – he had so many options to escape in mind.

He told the rabbit that if the hounds came, he could bolt up into the attic and hide. Or race to the nearest stream
and run through it to confuse the hounds. Or he might run around a tree in circles, then climb a tree and watch hounds bump into each other in confusion. He was certain he could outfox the hounds.

The rabbit admitted he only had one idea of what he might do (he was focused) …run like a scared rabbit! As he said those words, they heard the baying of the hounds right outside the door. True to his word, the rabbit hopped out the back door and ran to the woods.

The fox hesitated as he considered which of his many options might be best – the attic, the stream, the tree. As he debated which to do, the hounds burst through the door and ate him!

You might be considering a few options regarding your financial future right now. And you probably get dozens new opportunities delivered to your inbox daily. But you might be overthinking it, just like the fox who thought he could outfox the hounds… And at any time, a new financial setback could afflict you, which could take you out of the game – permanently. Don’t let “Paralysis or Analysis” hobble you any longer.

Time passes and money problems, when neglected or denied, tend to breed like rabbits. Instead of being overwhelmed by them, you can outfox them.

Robin Elliott