Seasoned entrepreneurs and salespeople know that the Numbers Game is a reliable and time tested method to win in business. It’s simple and fun, and all it requires is understanding, persistence, and patience.

Think of it this way: When we start selling a new product, idea, opportunity, or service, we will see a lot more people in order to get a sale, but as our confidence grows and our skills improve, we will sell more. Imagine a salesman facing a row of houses – five on the left side of the street and five on the right. If he knows that his closing ratio is 2 out of ten, he understands that in order to make two sales, he has to talk with 10 people. So off he goes, knocking on doors.

Now he may sell the first two people he approaches, or the last two, or the third and the sixth – it doesn’t matter, because he understands that sales is a NUMBERS GAME. He knows that he just needs to knock on all those 10 doors and enthusiastically present his opportunity to each one, regardless of whether they buy or not, and he will end up with two sales. Does he get upset and start crying like a politician when somebody doesn’t buy? No – he is collecting “NO”’s, because he needs eight NO’s to get two sales.

The more relaxed and skilled the salesman gets, the more sales he will make, so his ratio will eventually rise to three sales out of ten prospects, then perhaps four. When I invested $10,000 in a Distributorship with SMI 28 years ago (my first business), I collected 18 NO’s before I made my first sale. Did I run home weeping and quitting? No – because I was trained to understand the Numbers Game. I played on. After two years, I was closing one in two – my closing ratio was one in two.

How can this be fun? How can it be a game? Well, if you measure your activity and results – we were training to do four presentations a day and collect an average of five referrals from each person we saw, whether they bought out product or not – and collect that information, you may see something like this emerging:

Made a list of 20 people – your Prospects. Called them all and got to talk with 17 of them. Got appointments with 10 of those. Closed two sales. So your Sales Ratios look like this: 20:17:10:2
Now if you hone your skills and you get more appointments and more sales, it might change to 20:17:13:3
If you earn $400 per sale, those twenty Prospects were worth $40 each (2 sales X $400 = $800 divided by 20 Prospects = $40).
But with your higher closing ratio (20:3) those prospects have risen in value to $60 each!
And every NO that you get is now worth $120! (Presented to 13, got 3 sales. 10 divided by $1200 = $120)

And now, when somebody says, “NO”, instead of feeling rejected and depressed, you can say, “Thank you for the $120!”

This is the objective, mature, professional, and relaxed way that super salespeople approach their businesses – it’s no mystery. And when your prospect realizes that you don’t really CARE whether he buys or not, he’s more likely to be interested than if you were the typical desperate salesman.

Paul J. Meyer wrote, “What’s behind this door I cannot tell, but this I know, and know it well: the more I open, the more I sell!”

Robin Elliott