If South African blacks thought they were subjugated and taken advantage of by Britain and then South African whites, they have no idea what is waiting for them. They have sown to the wind, and they are about to reap from the whirlwind. Throw in a hurricane, a tornado and a tsunami for good measure, and you’ll be spot on.

Let’s consider the BRICS alliance – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and… yes, South Africa. Which of those do you think will take the role of servant? This article is most revealing: “In November, Hebei Iron & Steel Co Ltd, a provincial-owned company and China’s largest steelmaker by production, announced that it was moving 5 million tons of its annual production — roughly 11 percent of the 45 million tons of steel it makes every year — to South Africa.”

Why? “The officials in Hebei Province who oversee the company may have felt they had no choice. First, they undoubtedly faced political pressure to reduce their environmental impact in China: reducing production of steel, cement and glass — all highly polluting industries, especially in developing countries — will have a direct impact on Xi Jinping’s pollution goals.”

The Chinese are not known for their meek, politically correct management style. Sweat shops and severe punishment are not something they shun. And they will not take kindly to the pathetic work ethic of African blacks. According to this article, statistics show that from its peak in 1993, the year before Mandela, the measure of labour productivity has fallen by 41.2%, bringing it down to the lowest level in 46 years. South Africa today is less efficient than many of its emerging market competitors, its labour force is uncompetitive and labour productivity is much lower than that of the rest of the developing world.

How about the KGB trained Russian President? Putin is a man who knows the value of South Africa’s gold mines and other minerals. He’s not including them because of their vast intellectual prowess or because he likes them, believe me. His management style will not be gentle, either. There will consequences to disobedience.

South Africa’s fertile land, rich mineral deposits, and 50% unemployment rate are about to be taken over by new masters. Mines, factories, farms, and industries will serve the BRIC countries, principally Russia and China.

So if Apartheid was so horrific (the latest polls prove that blacks overwhelmingly agree that they were better off under Apartheid than their present black masters), the nightmare that has already been put in motion is going to be just punishment, in my opinion, for the disgusting way that blacks have treated whites since Mandela took over in South Africa.

The lesson here is simple: beware what you reject; it’s replacement could be a lot worse. After proving themselves incapable of running the country, they are inviting their new masters in for massive bribes.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com