I remember, as a child, seeing a small kitten cornered in a bathroom by an adventurous pitbull. The dog barked excitedly and got closer and closer. The cat arched its little back, its fur stood on end, and it hissed. Until the dog got close enough. Then a paw show out like lightning and a needle sharp, tiny claw left a streak of bright red blood across that black dog nose. The dog yelped and ran like the wind.

Everyone sees the Russian rouble crashing, and the Americans and their allies rubbing their hands in glee. After all, it’s their doing: closing Russian bank accounts, imposing strangling sanctions, pushing them into a corner. So 1998 returns to Russia with hyperinflation. But those who sow to the wind will reap from the whirlwind in this case. Why?

The ruthless Putin is no patsy. He is a tough street fighter who fought his way up through the ranks of the KGB and made sure he became the President of Russia. And he’s not budging, with an 80% approval rating. He is brutal and uncompromising. Compare Obama, who people now realize in their appalling ignorance only landed his puppet job because of the colour of his skin. He was a “Community Organizer,” for goodness sake, who has never had to fight anyone or for anything, since he had this Race Card clutched firmly in his hand.

While Obama’s main mission is playing golf and watching his wife and kids spend millions on extravagant holidays and gets away with murder because Americans fear being called racist, he hates his own country and now enjoys a dismal 40% approval rating. He goes bowing and scraping and apologizing around the world while Putin loves his country and is recruiting allies like North Korea and forming strong financial alliances like the BRICS. The best Obama can do is offend his one time allies and cozy up to impotent Cuba, of all places. Putin has been backed into a corner and he is going to come out fighting like a wildcat on steroids.

What has all this to do with gold? The first domino in world wide hyperinflation – Russia – has fallen. The domino effect – the ripple effect – has begun. And it will gather momentum. While “Politically Correct” America is concerned about giving in to some anonymous hacker about their North Korea movie and beating themselves up for torturing people who blow up their buildings, cut their heads off and rape their daughters and spying on people (what’s new?), the Russian Bear has been sharpening its claws for some time now.

When Russia reneges on its foreign debt and its allies step up to replace the waning, artificially propped up American dollar ponzi scheme, all hell will break loose. Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, and many others have warned us for years that the American fiat currency – the paper substitute for real money, which is gold, is about to go the same way as every other single fiat currency for 150 years, without exception (and a 500 years history of failure in China before that), and that gold is the only answer.

So why does only 1% of the world’s population own gold in preparation for the greatest transfer of wealth from paper to gold that the world has ever seen? Because most people find it too expensive. But now you can buy the best currency grade gold in the world by the ounce, and even earn it in a business. When the pawpaw finally hits the fan and Putin comes out swinging, and you don’t want to be in the same desperate situation as millions have in the past and will soon, you need to own real money – gold.

I could go on and on, but perhaps this Russian rouble rear-ender will be the catalyst that wakes people up and shows them what is really going on in the world. That’s if a real unemployment rate in America of 23%, 27% of Americans on food stamps, “Quantitative Easing,” and the sad advent of Obamanomics hasn’t done so yet. Gold will not lose its value like your paper money certainly will. Oh, and if you think your real estate will save you, how will you pay the exorbitant government property taxes that will come with hyperinflation? Greeks who had like mortgage free in the same home for generations lost their homes in this way.

Buy gold. And if you don’t have the money to do so, I can help you: contact me.

It’s not too late for you – yet.

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