Meetings are important. Learning is important. Listening to motivating CD’s and watching motivational videos is important, as are affirmations and business cards and ranks and understanding the compensation plan and being coached by your upline. But there is one critical thing that most people avoid like the plague, that makes it happen.

We can crowd our lives with the second and third most important in order to claim that we’re not ready or don’t have time or a myriad other excuses for this most important thing, but we’re only fooling ourselves. This is what the champions and the top producers know and do. It is their “secret,” but it’s not really a secret.

The secret is work. And let me define work: It’s making a list of your contacts – all your contacts, without prejudging who you think will be interested or not – and contacting them by text and phone (not email) one by one.

This is what people avoid. WHY? Because we think that when people say “No,” they are rejecting us or that they won’t want anything to do with us in future or they will avoid us or hate us or mock us. Well, we need to understand four important things here:

ONE: When people say no, they only ones that will reject us or hate us or avoid us in future are people we should not have in our lives anyway, because they are assholes. That’s right.

TWO: The reason they say no is because they are not yet ready, so their NO means NOT YET.

THREE: We didn’t explain the opportunity correctly or sufficiently.

FOUR: They don’t see the opportunity and in six month’s time when you are earning the big bucks, they won’t be.

Remember this: Successful people are prepared to do now what others won’t do, in order to have in the future what others won’t have. So get over yourself and start working. Work with your leads and prospects and referrals and your downline and stop making excuses.

Paul J. Meyer wrote this: “What’s behind this door I cannot tell, but this I know, and know it well: the more I open, the more I sell.” At the end of each day, ask yourself, “How many people did I call today to introduce to my business?” That is what counts. That is what matters.

And a monthly call to those who were not ready also counts as a call. It’s called “dripping on them” – not pestering them, just sharing some updated or new information. More calls = more work = more money. That’s the bottom line, folks.

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Robin Elliott