LA Trip 036

What is real? In a movie I can see Vancouver’s beautiful Lions Gate Bridge collapsing, even though it is spick and span, if you’ll excuse the pun, crowds of thousands people when there are only twenty, government propaganda spread by by their lapdog media, false flag events, manipulated gold and oil prices, propaganda, and twisted versions of reality. Believing what we read on the Internet is like believing what we read on a bathroom wall.

Yet to make good decisions, we need real data. We can’t believe government statistics when they tell us that the 23% US unemployment rate is only 6%, we can’t believe the online marketers, and most of the printed information available to us and what we learn in universities and colleges is outdated. The truth is twisted and we are inundated with lies and false promises. What is real and true?

We’re all sceptics. We’re all cynical – how could we not be? We’ve all been ripped off and lied to, and most of us realize that we need to change what we’re doing in order to change what we’re getting. Especially with the way the world is going right now – 27% of Americans are on food stamps, and it’s getting worse, fast. And that’s not the only country in trouble.

An objective approach would be to test things to see if they are real before we spend time and money on them, and to be able to bypass the conventional obstacles of risk, time, age, experience, educational qualifications, and connections. And we need to be open minded, logical, and objective in the way we consider and evaluate things.

Fortunately, some things don’t change, like God and gold. Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine wrote,”Gold is constant. It’s like the North Star.”

My system for 28 years has been joint ventures – collaboration and reciprocation – and it’s worked very well for me. It allowed me to retire twice. Multiple, diverse income streams and a focus on the bottom line is an ideal way to create real wealth and I can show you how. Call me for a free consultation.

Robin Elliott