Would you like to double your sales, double your recruitment ratio, and turbo-boost your business? Instead of seeing ten and selling two, how do you move to seeing ten and selling five? What most people focus on is secondary.

We know that high self esteem is essential: if you don’t like, trust, and respect yourself, your lack of self respect and low expectations will push successful people away and attract parasites and losers. And you will self sabotage by subconsciously punishing yourself yourself for dishonesty or laziness or both. How do you build self esteem? Self discipline, consistency, and knowledge of your product and service. But that not what I wanted to deal with here.

“The main reason why people buy from you is that they like you and trust you.” That’s true, but more importantly, people want to feel they can follow you, and that means that you have to build massive credibility. Not just the credibility that business success brings – people need to know that you are reliable, trustworthy, honest, and most of all, CAPABLE of leading them, of taking them where they want to go.

Think of climbing Everest – you want a Sherpa that you can trust on those icy, slippery, treacherous slopes. But how can you build credibility if you’re new in a business? What if you don’t have a track record? What can you do to ensure that people will believe in you and trust you to lead, support, and assist them? That you will succeed in the business and take them with you? That you will be able to help the people they bring you and not let them down?

Here are 8 pointers:

1. Reliability: On time, well prepared, knowledgeable regarding the product and service, doing what you say you will do WHEN you say you will do it, and not forgetting to do it. Being punctual means showing up at least 15 minutes early for every appointment or meeting, every time. It doesn’t matter what others do or when they show up; respect yourself and others enough to be a professional.

2. Honesty: Tell the truth and stop being politically correct. And don’t inflate numbers.

3. Enthusiasm: Are you consistently enthusiastic? Do you show your enthusiasm? Does your speech reflect it? How about your body language?

4. Your level of belief and expectation. Do your actions and choices reflect your belief? A part timer, unfortunately, will never carry the credibility of full timer, but even if you are part time, have the belief and expectation of a full timer.

5. Walk your talk: do what you say, and what you teach. Be a product of the product. Seeing is believing.

6. Appearance and speech: Are you positive, well groomed, respectful, humble, confident? Do you look the part? Do you act and dress and groom yourself like the person you intend becoming?

7. Put your money where your mouth is. Your recruit will do what you do, buy what you buy, attend things that you attend.

8. Loyalty to your team, upline, employers, partners, customers, and company will position you as a winner.

And here’s a bonus: People will evaluate your social media and LinkedIn site more, these days, than they do at your website and blog. They are looking for congruence. Every aspect of your life needs to be aligned with your beliefs, goals, and message. Check this out.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com