What separates the winners from the losers? When two people have access to exactly the same opportunity, why do some prosper while others flounder? What is the real reason behind the success of champions – the three percent – and how can you join them?

I call it the Killer Instinct. When someone has the drive to succeed, to do whatever it takes, 24/7/365, to break through all and any obstacles, no matter how long it takes, the guts to face all difficulties and enemies with courage and persistence, and to go all out, he has the Killer Instinct.

Think of it as a street fighter mentality – a cornered cheetah – unwavering faith and belief, someone who is in it for the long term. Total commitment, total focus. We see it in our society: People who will literally die for their cause, no matter how crazy that cause, will always win over those who are more concerned about their reputations, being politically correct, being popular, or not offending anyone. Winners will stand up and be counted.

Let’s compare Putin and Obama, regardless of whether we like them of agree with their motives, methods and objectives.

Obama, the metrosexual girlie-boy who only got to where he is because of the colour of his skin and his manipulation of white guilt and the politically correct, and who is hell bent of destroying his own country, who plays golf and ping pong and poses with his daughters and is run by his wife, the Community Organizer with a questionable past and who never held down a job – the ultimate victim.

Putin, the real man, KGB trained, ruthless, rising through the ranks, posing with guns and bears and tigers, the judo master who will pay any price and whose patriotism is beyond question. He’s not worried about reelection or short term goals; he is a fighter, a self disciplined, focused warrior who makes things happen. And 95% of the Russians love him.

Which of these two men is winning? No surprise there.

Those with a killer instinct are not necessary cruel or selfish or dishonest; they are simply absolutely committed and they will acquire the skills they need, work through the night, align themselves with other winners, tell it like it is, and never compromise their values or professionalism. They are reliable, punctual, and focused.

How do you acquire this Killer Instinct? Get in touch with your deepest motives, and align your values, goals, and every action, thought, relationship, and resource in the long term accomplishment of making your dreams come true. Never waver. Find the vehicle that will take you to where you ultimately want to be, and you will be happy, at peace, fulfilled, and proud. You will know that you will succeed, and you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Be a warrior, not a weak worrier. Develop a SENSE of URGENCY. Put on your Bitch Boots – release your inner Putin.

The vehicles I use work perfectly for me. Join me.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com